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The annus horribilis of 2016 is almost over. May I respectfully say "good riddance"?

Ok, I will. 

External events aside, as an artist, this has been a fine year, a good year. A year to try new things and to see this new direction affirmed and appreciated. I launched into...

I did it.

I met another goal for 2016.

I submitted three pieces to a national contest, specifically "The Artist's Magazine's Over 60" competition. Hint: I'm officially over 60 years of age as of this year. 

Painting by painting, piece by piece, it's hard to put yourself o...

But that's part of being an artist, isn't it?

Through the Springfield Regional Arts Council, I was asked to judge an annual, regional show at MARC, the Mt. Vernon Arts and Recreation Center. An award-winning regional arts center, MARC hosts an annual show of two-and thr...

Big news.

Big space.

Big painting.

I'm currently showing "The Last One" at the Springfield-Branson National Airport through August 22, 2016 in "The Big Show". In order to be considered, two of the sides had to be at least 40" in length.

I betcha didn't know that the airpor...

When I started painting in 2006, I only thought about painting.

I didn't think about selling my work....or even showing it, for that matter. I simply wanted to explore my creativity. And if someone liked something I produced, or wanted to buy it, well, that was all the...

It began with a kiss.


Followed by a glass of wine. 



My shareholder (Beloved Husband) and I held our first annual meeting of Penny Is Creative, LLC


We met in an auspicious location, our kitchen. We discussed accomplishments of 2015 (yeah Obelisk Home!) and reviewed g...

"Professional Development" sounds so...professional. And I am a professional. But I suppose using that phrase is also an uppidity way of saying I'm trying to learn and grow as an artist. 


Taking a workshop or a class is one way to learn. Another way is to read. An...

… and items are checked off lists. 


It’s a great feeling. 



I linger for a time with that feeling.  


In 2015, I’m pleased, thrilled, honored and excited to have met one of my major goals for the year: a solo show in the prestigious gallery of Obelisk Home.  And I made...



We use the word "work" in various ways. "I hate my work." Or "I have to go to work." And everyone's favorite, "Work, work, work....(said with a sigh). It appears that the word sounds negative in my ears. "Work" has connotations of drudgery, something to be avoide...

I start a new painting. Or when I THINK about starting a new painting.


Sometimes, I overthink the process and then I begin to get a little scared. The bad Penny angel on one shoulder begins to argue with the good Penny angel on the other side. It goes something like th...

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January 2, 2015

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