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End of Year Reflections

January 2, 2015

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Creativity and Children

October 4, 2014

As a parent and a grandparent, I’m concerned about the decline of creativity in the imagination and expression in young children. Some studies believe that creativity begins to decrease starting in kindergarten and continues a downward trend throughout schooling.


I have two grand-daughters:  6-almost 7 and 5-almost 6. They love to create new desserts using any type of candy they can find. They put food coloring in everything. They tell stories and ask perceptive questions. They dream of being dancers and violinists, fire fighters and “police-girls.”


One wants to play football.


And they love spiders.


We do internet spider identification frequently.


We’ve yet to find these on any website.

These wondrous creatures evolved without any direction from me. None. What so ever.


While I worked on my own spidery creature, I looked up to see the oldest atop a desk taping her mom and baby spiders to the door post.  After she jumped down, the youngest followed.  I cringed and stood behind them.


And was very proud. 


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