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End of Year Reflections

January 2, 2015

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End of Year Reflections

January 2, 2015

I don’t do resolutions.


I think in terms of goals. Goals are attainable. Measureable. And hopefully, realistic. Becoming a perfect human being isn’t any of the above.


So how did I do meeting my 2014 goals? Notice my fancy tracking system, circa 1960? It’s probably younger than I.



I painted 12 paintings in 2014. Are they all show-worthy?  Hmmm. But I learned some things and tried some new things. So, yes, check.


I attended a fun, invigorating workshop in June taught by Nan Cunningham and Kris Byrd in Oceans Springs, Mississippi. Ocean Springs was an unexpected delight, a Gulf Coast art-and history-filled town, accented by terrific food and the company of a wonderful travelling companion. I made new friends. I absorbed the mysteries of the talented and troubled artist Walter Anderson and his reliance on the Seven Design Motifs. 


I also attended a painting workshop in Gardenstown, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, taught by a new friend and mentor, Bryan Angus. I can’t say enough good things about the setting, the teaching, the studio, the fellow students. I attempted soft pastels for the first time. I fell in love with the northeast coast of Scotland. I was very blessed. Check and double-check.


I created a mailing database. Check. And I’ve used it.  Check.


In collaboration with multi-talented and long-term friend, Debra Trisler, a website was born! I am ever so pleased with Dee’s work and as proud as I can be with the website. Check with a star beside it.


Triptych (oops on the spelling in the photo—note to self, a new goal.  Learn to spell). Nope. The idea grows in my head but not on paper or canvas.


But I reached some goals that I did not write down. Those count too:


  • I entered and was juried into The Best of Missouri Hands. I joined a group of artists committed to their craft.  I can’t wait to meet more of them.

  • I applied for a 2015 show at Obelisk Home, a gallery I’ve long wanted to join. And gulp, they. Accepted. Me. I was thrilled. The show will be in December 2015. Stay tuned for more details. 

  • Work in the studio at least two nights a week. A qualified check. I took most of the month of December off, due to illness, a death in the family, the holidays, and exhaustion. I’m back. I’m ready to go. I went up the stairs the other night to my studio and it felt as if I had come home. It felt great. I’m so thankful for that space.

  • With reluctance, I rejoined Facebook. It’s … ok. A necessary evil, I suppose.

  • Began using new business cards, again thanks to Debra Trisler, who rocks!


I’ll start 2015 with a new set of goals. And some new ideas for work too.


2015 Goals:


  • Complete 15 paintings for my December show.

  • Write an accompanying story for each painting. 

  • Complete that ever-present and oh-so-needed marketing plan. With dates. And contact information. And put it in place. 


  • Become incorporated as a limited license corporation.

  • Show my work in an in-home studio visit of the Springfield Art Museum Associates in April. Thank you Roxie Castro!

  • Create a business page on Facebook

  • Explore some new ideas and directions. 



Some of the above ideas require explanation, a lot of explanation. But hopefully, on this site, you’ll see them come to fruition. Or morph into something else entirely. 


2015…get ready.




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