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End of Year Reflections

January 2, 2015

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When Goals Are Met

December 23, 2015

… and items are checked off lists. 


It’s a great feeling. 



I linger for a time with that feeling.  


In 2015, I’m pleased, thrilled, honored and excited to have met one of my major goals for the year: a solo show in the prestigious gallery of Obelisk Home.  And I made the cover of the Art Walk News and also garnered unexpected yet delightful publicity in the Springfield News-Leader (thank you Greg Holman). 


Oh, and I sold a painting on opening night.  Thank you dear Ambergs.


And then I move on to the next set of goals.


What lies ahead for 2016? With some trepidation, I put my goals out there and we’ll see what happens:

  1. Branch into paper cut-outs

  2. Loosen up my style through flower portraits (not just paintings, but an attempt to unlock the feelings that flowers give)

  3. Apply to the Springfield Art Museum’s Watercolor USA show

  4. Apply for representation at the Missouri Gallery, most likely in Kansas City or St. Louis.

I think that’s enough.  It should prove to be a busy year.  And I’d like to layer in some landscape painting too.


Wish me luck.  I will need it.


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