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End of Year Reflections

January 2, 2015

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Professional Development

December 31, 2015

"Professional Development" sounds so...professional. And I am a professional. But I suppose using that phrase is also an uppidity way of saying I'm trying to learn and grow as an artist. 


Taking a workshop or a class is one way to learn. Another way is to read. And I love to read. 


So this Christmas, I bought myself a present of a book I've long wanted to read. And so did Beloved Husband. One book is a delightful read. The other is a stretch. And that's what professional development is supposed to be. Right?






















Can you guess which is which?


Both have intriguing titles. And a good title will get me every time. 


"The Paintings That Revoluntionized Art" begins witn Western Medieval images. And that's my only criticism of the book. With one exception, all images originate in the western art world. But the descriptions: the who, the why, the how of the art work, pull me in and make me want to see closely, read more, learn more. I will savor this book for a long time. 


"No.1: First Works by 362 Artists" looks at contemporary artists of all genres, from many parts of world, male and female, primarily conceptual and experimental artists. I'm not sure I even have the correct terms for describing the artists and their works. I dip my toes into their waters slowly and with an open mind, hopefully. I'm jarred and pleased. I will read this book a little at a time.


I'll continue to add to my collection of books of favorite artists, artists who teach me and inspire me. And I look forward to that.

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