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End of Year Reflections

January 2, 2015

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Oh, the Places You'll Go

July 1, 2016



When I started painting in 2006, I only thought about painting.


I didn't think about selling my work....or even showing it, for that matter. I simply wanted to explore my creativity. And if someone liked something I produced, or wanted to buy it, well, that was all the better. Icing on the cake. Selling simply just wasn't my goal.


Fast forward to today. I've sold a number of works. Now I kinda like showing work and gasp (!), selling. It means a lot when someone wants to own something I've created. And it's even better when something is purchased as a gift for a loved one.


Showing work is an adventure, sometimes a risky one. Who will come to the opening? Will anyone like what I've worked on for many months?


And finding locations for shows is a funny endeavor.


I've shown my work in:

  • two libraries

  • two churches

  • two galleries

  • one restaurant

  • an airport (twice)

  • two universities

  • and one movie theater


There have been solo shows and there have been group shows. Sometimes the show is juried; sometimes not. 


So what's next? An accounting firm from September through December! Details to follow.  And for the remainder of the year? My goals include application to regional galleries and to the local museum. In what places will I turn up next? Stay tuned. And please join me in the places I will go. It will be an adventure.





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