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January 2, 2015

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Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

July 20, 2016

But that's part of being an artist, isn't it?


Through the Springfield Regional Arts Council, I was asked to judge an annual, regional show at MARC, the Mt. Vernon Arts and Recreation Center. An award-winning regional arts center, MARC hosts an annual show of two-and three-dimensional art work.


Driving to Mt. Vernon, MO, I reflected on what criteria I should use, why in the world anyone would consider me qualified to judge other artists, and what kinds of art would I find there.


I shouldn't have worried. The facility, the director (Karen Colton-Millsap) and the artwork ... all a delightful surprise. In nine short years, a dedicated group of volunteers have settled into a former church building of 5300 square feet, housing two theatres, an inter-generational string orchestra, meeting rooms and a well-lit art gallery. 


The art work represented artists from around the area and various media: digital collage, watercolors, ceramics, oils, acrylics, mixed media, turned wood, encaustic. All of the artists displayed proficiency and skill. Each piece was professionally executed. 


My job was difficult but fun. I felt honored to be there. I met several individuals involved in numerous ways with MARC, from a set painter (Oklahoma opens Thursday evening), a ticket buyer, a former student of Ms. Colton-Millsap's, and members of the orchestra. MARC is a community center is every sense of the word. 


Easy to find, a well-considered space, connected to its community, clean, bright, it is a well-loved and well-used space. 


I plan on coming back again.




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