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End of Year Reflections

January 2, 2015

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Let's Catch Up!

December 30, 2016

The annus horribilis of 2016 is almost over. May I respectfully say "good riddance"?


Ok, I will. 


External events aside, as an artist, this has been a fine year, a good year. A year to try new things and to see this new direction affirmed and appreciated. I launched into "fleurages" in a big way and I'm pleased to say they were well received. And they sold. Seven of them, in fact. Thank you new and old friends for giving homes to:








As an artist, how did I spend 2016?


I participated in three shows: a group show, a solo show and a duo show. Each location was a new venue for me.


The Springfield Regional Airport hosted the group endeavor, "The Big Show" in their lobby and ticketing areas. "The Last One" hung in a spot of honor between Matt Edwards and Jane Troup--the best of artistic company. 






Showing only the fleurages, Tea Bar and Bites held a solo show in June, attended by some of my favorite friends and patrons. Two pieces went to new homes.




And finally, in conjunction with friend and fellow artist, Ann Marie Rausch, the firm of Elliott, Robinson and Company presented our works in their lovely LEED-certified building. Ann Marie and I share a love of bright, vibrant colors and subject matter from every-day life. Our pieces blended well together, as do our personalities.  I'm happy to say that five pieces sold during the artist reception. 








I judged my first show this summer, as a guest of the Mt. Vernon Arts Council, in their lovely facility, home to an extensive gallery, music practice rooms, and two theatres. I was impressed by the talent in that region of Missouri.



At the end of a long, hot summer, and in preparation for attending my first Sarah Carlisle Towery Alabama Artist's Colony (AAC) and an abstract class with the incomparable Moe Brooker, I made a series of artist cards for swapping.








Enroute to the AAC, I stopped for the evening at the gallery and B&B at the Oxford TreeHouse Gallery. My hosts, Vivian and Walter have created a delightful and restful AirBnB apartment beneath their gallery, replete with works created by both hosts. What an inspiring place to lay my head!



The instruction by Mr. Brooker, the venue, the students, the food, the classroom setup, and a variety of artist events made for a wonderful week of learning and experimenting. Our studio sat atop a hill, with open windows on all four sides, enclosed by a deep porch to catch the breezes from the lake down the hill. Even in late September and early October, Alabama can be quite hot. But Moe Brooker kept us working, learning and inspired through the warm mornings and hot afternoons. Those who know me well, know I don't like the heat. But I would go back in an instant!






What's up for 2017?


I plan to start a new series of paintings for a show I would like to have, entitled "Look Up!"  "Advent Night Sky" began the idea and the series. 




I have reams of photos I've taken over the years. Some of the skyscapes will be painted on china, in honor of my maternal grandmother, china painter extraordinaire. China painting is nearly a lost art, and I would like to play a small part in bringing it back. 


So here's to 2017. Looking forward. Looking up!





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