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Welcome! Look where you landed! Of all the artist’s blogs on the world-wide web, you found mine. I’m happy you’re here and I hope you’ll stay long enough to get to know me, what I do and what prompts me to do the things I do. 


I’m a painter who loves textiles, mobiles, collages, book making and three-dimensional work. I sew; I knit; I embroider. I travel and I read. I want to learn carpentry and how to make shoes. 


It took me a long time to consider myself an artist. I’ve learned to tell people when they meet me that I’m a painter. It still makes me hesitate to refer to my creations as my “work.” I have a love/hate relationship with respect to the use of “work” in reference to my artistic endeavors.


Creation is work. It requires patience and the willingness to show up, even when you’re tired or feeling uninspired. It involves the willingness to make mistakes and to learn from them. But creation is also joy and fun. A lot of times, it feels like playing. 


In addition to hard work, blessed artists receive the support and influence of mentors who encourage and push, inspire and explore. I’m definitely blessed to have had teachers such as:

  • James Grubola: a demanding drawing professor from the University of Louisville who taught me to see. He expected nothing but the best from his students. He also taught me to love Celtic music, a love that continues to this day.

  • Todd Lowery:  Now Chair of the Department of Art at Drury University, Todd is a friend, a mentor and someone who never hesitates to render a well-placed kick-in-the-**** when I need to move out of my comfort zone. He struggled to teach me color theory; I think he succeeded.

  • Jackie Warren:  She taught me that painting and creativity can be fun. 

  • Nan Cunningham:  Great stories, encouragement, wisdom, practical knowledge and friendship are the qualities of Nan and her teaching style. 

  • Bryan Angus:  A week with Bryan in his studio on the north eastern coast of Scotland was a lifelong highlight. Bryan combines the gift of excellent teaching and superb skill

  • Debra Trisler:  A long-time and dear friend who happens to be quite talented in a multitude of areas. Dee taught me to love the beautiful in everyday life.  She lovingly took on the project of creating this website.


I’m grateful for my work. I’m grateful you’re visiting my site. I look forward to hearing from you.