Inspired by the cutouts of Henri Matisse, and being a frugal person, I began to use the leftover pigments from my paintings by brushing the paint onto archival paper. I set the paper aside while I worked. After the paper dried, I cut and cut and played and considered how I would use these new shapes and color washes. 


Trying to describe this new-for-me approach, my husband and I coined the term "fleurage," to describe the marriage of fleurs (flowers) and collage. 

Rainbow Series

As an ancient symbol for many cultures, a rainbow signifies hope, promise and inclusivity. For some, a rainbow means peace and serenity, especially after an intense rain storm. 

Miscellaneous Fleurages

Primarily florals, these images use leftover painted canvas, painted papers, candy wrappers or antique letters, tissue paper, fabric, handmade paper or other mixed media. 

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